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It’s Better to Repair Than Replace Garage Doors


Since the Pandemic, New Garage Doors Prices are More Than Double Understanding why it’s better to repair than replace garage doors starts part one of three in a series of blogs. Previously, we explained professional versus DIY repairs; customers can tighten hardware, but shouldn’t try to secure a detached door. At TNT Garage Doors Inc., […]

Replacing or Repairing Garage Doors


Replacing or Repairing Garage Doors: Which To Do? Your Garage Door is a Sound Investment To Your Home Today we’ll explore options for replacing or repairing garage doors. Garage doors can be one of your home’s most valuable investments. In fact, garage doors yield the second-highest return on investment! Although they are a great addition […]

What Can You Do With a Broken Garage Door Spring?

The Convenience of Garage Doors and the Inconvenience of Malfunctions An automatic garage door is a great addition to a garage at any home or any business. They provide convenience, protection from the elements, and security for you, your vehicle, and your home. As convenient as they are, though, an automatic garage door can – […]