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Replacing or Repairing Garage Doors

Replacing or Repairing Garage Doors: Which To Do?

Your Garage Door is a Sound Investment To Your Home

Today we’ll explore options for replacing or repairing garage doors. Garage doors can be one of your home’s most valuable investments. In fact, garage doors yield the second-highest return on investment! Although they are a great addition to your home, garage doors can still break. They can begin to go off track, be difficult to lift, or a vehicle or severe weather can cause damage.

Repairing or replacing your garage door is a big decision with many things to consider. This is why TNT Garage Doors, Inc., shares advice this month on when to call a professional for repairs. We also have helpful advice on when it’s time for a brand-new replacement garage door.


Evaluate Current Issues With Your Garage Door

You are leaving for work in the early morning, press the button to open the garage door, and nothing happens. Now what? You might think a completely new garage door is in the near future. However, did you know that sudden breakdowns are easier to fix? Sudden problems are generally isolated to one area, which can be easier to pinpoint and resolve.

Before calling professionals like TNT Garage Doors, Inc.’s garage experts, check some of the simple parts of your garage door. Does the remote garage door opener look clean and operational? Check the remote’s batteries to make sure a simple replacement battery isn’t the issue. Once you are confident your remote doesn’t just need new batteries, then call a professional. A service and installation professional from TNT Garage Doors, Inc., will be able to evaluate and locate the problem quickly and get you on your way.

There are other easy, “DIY fixes” to your garage door system that you can rule out before calling in the professionals. Troubleshoot things like ensuring there is no debris in the sensor path, on the sensors, or in the tracking. Check and tighten the fasteners and bolts, if loose. Read on to learn some of the more serious reasons why you would need to repair or replace your garage door.


Common Reasons to Repair a Garage Door

It is easy to want a completely new garage door when issues arise. Garage doors are complex machines and are intimidating to some. That is why we would like to share some common situations where you would need garage door repair, to save you stress, time, and most importantly, money.


Does your garage door feel exceptionally heavy? This could be a sign that your springs have started to wear down, or one might be completely broken. In this scenario, your lift motor goes through additional wear and tear. It must lift the full weight of your garage door with each opening. This makes garage door springs an essential part of your garage door system. Garage door springs allow you to open the door by hand if you lose power or the motor is off. Garage door spring repair is one of our specialties at TNT Garage Doors, Inc. Weak garage door springs are something we recommend not to try and repair on your own. It can be a dangerous task as springs and other related parts can be under significant tension. Call for one of our professionals to do your spring repair.


Is a single panel damaged? If your garage door has some physical damage, you will want to call for garage door repair. When a single panel has damage, a repair can be cost-effective and quite simple. Most garage door manufacturers supply individual panels to garage door servicers and installers, so swapping out a piece of your garage door is a simple fix.

However, if your garage door sustains damage and you wait to call for garage door repair, it could cause issues to the rest of the door. This could then lead to needing to replace a couple of panels. If you must replace more than a couple of panels, it ends up not being any cheaper than replacing the entire garage door. Prompt timing is key when deciding on garage door repair.


Is your garage door sagging? If you observe your garage door in action and notice one side is lower than the other, this means it is sagging. A sagging garage door is a sign of an imbalance. Similar to issues with garage door springs, this can cause increased wear and tear on your garage door’s lift motor.

If one side of your garage door is sagging, this can impact multiple areas of its operating system. It may be that only one spring has begun to quickly wear, making one side heavier than the other. Working the door in this condition continues to put uneven stress on your lift motor. Fortunately, rebalancing your garage door is a simple fix and similar to replacing your garage door springs. A service professional can replace both springs, rehang your door, and restore balance to ensure even wear moving forward.


Common Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

Sudden problems with your garage door can be easily fixed by a professional. However, if you have a consistent issue that has gone on for months, that is a different story. Garage door problems that have gone unaddressed for months or years will likely require a garage door replacement. This is why we would like to share some common reasons to replace your garage door entirely.


Is your garage door severely damaged? Over the years, garage doors have become more affordable while also increasing your home’s value. This makes replacement an easier solution than fixing it with repair parts. If severe weather or a vehicle accident caused damage to your garage door, it may be more extensive than fixing one or two panels.

If you experience damage to your garage door, fix it as quickly as you can. Damage to your garage door can cause imbalance and cause some of the further issues we shared earlier. A garage door replacement is more affordable than an entirely new lift motor and system.


Is your garage door outdated?

According to Realty Times, garage doors can add lots of curb appeal and value to your home. If you are selling your home, or intend to in the future, a replacement garage door could be what sets your home apart from the rest. A new coat of paint and a nice cleaning can go a long way, but cannot change the out-of-date design or function of your door.

Garage door design has had a transformation over the years. New doors are more in line with current fashion trends and have a better size selection for today’s popular vehicles. Replacing your traditional garage door for a more contemporary style is a great way to boost your home’s value almost immediately.


If you are not looking to sell your home, new garage doors have many new features that weren’t available traditionally. Things like security, energy efficiency, child safety features, and more are now focused on when designing garage door systems.


Call TNT Garage Doors, Inc., for Garage Door Replacement and Repair

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