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What Can You Do With a Broken Garage Door Spring?

The Convenience of Garage Doors and the Inconvenience of Malfunctions

An automatic garage door is a great addition to a garage at any home or any business. They provide convenience, protection from the elements, and security for you, your vehicle, and your home.

As convenient as they are, though, an automatic garage door can – and probably will – malfunction or break. When that happens, it can certainly cause some major inconvenience and some major headaches. You either cannot get into your garage, or your garage door is stuck fully open, or, even worse, half-way open.

It is time for some reliable garage door repair. When it comes to reliable garage door repairs and replacement, you can do no better than TNT Garage Doors, Inc.

Our team at TNT Garage Doors, Inc., in Winfield, WV, proudly provides quality, dependable garage door repair for Charleston, WV; Huntington, WV; Hurricane, WV; and all of Kanawha County, WV; Putnam County, WV; Lincoln County, WV; Boone County, WV; Logan County, WV; Cabell County, WV; Mason County, WV; and Jackson County, WV. When residents and businesses throughout our area need their garage doors fixed right – and fixed quickly – we should be their first call!

Our team can solve any garage door repair issue, including problems with some of the most important pieces of equipment on your garage door: the springs.

Garage Door Springs Serve a Very Important Role

Why are the springs so important to the function of your automatic garage door? Those springs – while maybe appearing so simple – play a vital role in raising and lowering your door. They essentially cancel out gravity on the garage door, easing the strain on the automatic opener and allowing it to easily lift the door.  There is a great amount of tension on those springs, and when one breaks or malfunctions, your garage door will not be going up or down.

There is no real indicator that a spring is wearing out, and few people realize how many times they raise and lower their garage door in one day. “Wear-and-tear” will eventually catch up with your garage door springs, and when you least expect it, you need broken spring repair.

So what do you do when your spring breaks?

We Know Broken Spring Repair at TNT Garage Doors, Inc.

The first thing to understand when you require broken spring repair is this: Do not try to fix it on your own. Many people today feel that previously “difficult” or “impossible” jobs are now within their realm of capability, that they are easy, DIY fixes – thanks to “how-to” videos on YouTube and other websites. But those videos do not always show all of the work and skill that must go into high-quality garage door repair, and there are other factors to consider when evaluating a broken spring and how to properly fix it.

Know this: When a spring breaks, the garage door will not operate, so it is important to get in touch with TNT Garage Doors, Inc., as soon as possible. We consider broken spring repair a “high-priority” job, because we know how important your garage door is. Our team will get there as soon as possible to fix the problem.

We also make certain that your spring and door opener are operating together, and if the age and condition of your spring calls for it, our team can replace it.

TNT Garage Doors, Inc., is proud to be a local company that can provide broken spring repair on any brand of garage door. No matter what make or model it may be, our team can fix it right for any residential or commercial customer throughout our entire service area. We are the garage door repair authority, and whenever you experience a broken spring, call us first!

TNT Garage Doors, Inc., Specializes in Great Garage Door Repair

Our team of experts at TNT Garage Doors, Inc., in Winfield, WV, can handle more than just broken spring repair, though. We perform all types of garage door repair, as well as sales and installation. When homeowners and business owners think about their garage doors, they should think of TNT Garage Doors, Inc.  We offer hard, skillful, and dependable work combined with vast knowledge and experience, integrity, and exemplary customer service.

No matter where you are in Charleston, WV; Huntington, WV; Hurricane, WV; Point Pleasant, WV; Ripley, WV; or the surrounding areas, you can depend on our team for broken spring repair, general garage door repair, and much more.

Remember, quality does not cost; it pays! And you will always get quality work when you turn to TNT Garage Doors in Winfield, WV!

For more information on broken spring repair or garage door repair, sales, and installation in general, call TNT Garage Doors, Inc., at (304) 344-3667.