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Do You Know the Parts of a Garage Door?

Knowing the Parts of a Garage Door is Important

Do you know the parts of a garage door? You use the door every day, but when there are issues you may not know where the problem lies. TNT Garage Doors, Inc. serving the Winfield, WV, area is here this month to explain some of these key components so you can identify issues.

Angi explains some of the main parts as follows:

Garage door opener. The opener usually hangs from the ceiling. It allows the door to open and close.

Springs. Torsion springs work with the motor to open the door.

Cables and Pulleys. Cables help to lift the door while pulleys rotate.

Belts or Chains. Depending on the type of garage door you have, it may use belts or chains to open and close.

Safety Sensor. Some automatic garage doors have sensors or an emergency cord when people or items are under the door. It will stop the door from closing or opening.

Emergency Cord. If your garage door is automatic and stops working, the pull cord allows it to be opened or closed.

Tube. The tube holds the springs in place.

Tracks. The tracks are what the garage door runs on to open and close.

Hardware. Hardware can include brackets, hinges, weather seals, and more.

Some doors may have different parts, like belt-drive or chain-drive door options. This month we’re going to explore a few of these basic parts in more detail. This way, you’ll be more informed when it begins to give you trouble.


Springs Are An Essential Part to Achieve Proper Lift

We’ve covered a little bit about springs in the past, but they are an essential part of the garage door. There are two types of springs: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are what help close the door. The extension springs lift the door. Without them, the motor and cables cannot hold all of the weight. When springs start to weaken or break, you’ll notice the door cannot stay open or closes at a dangerous speed.


Cables and Pulleys Make Operations Smoother

Cables and drums, or cables and pulleys, work together to make opening and closing the garage door easier. Garage doors have four pulleys that allow them to open and close. These two work together to let the door rise and fall smoothly. If you hear a loud noise when the door is in operation, it could be a cable or pulley. Doors that open lop-sided or do not open at all may have a problem with the cable or pulleys.


Door Openers Are Important to Your Door, Too

Garage door openers are very important. Any home or business owner who has experienced a broken opener knows the frustration that comes with it. Most openers are equipped with sensors that can stop the door from opening or closing when there’s an obstruction. This can save children, pets, or objects from being injured. Make sure that there isn’t anything obstructing the opener so it can work properly.

If your garage door opener breaks, it helps to have an emergency pull cord. This cord will allow you to open or close the door if the opener isn’t working.


Belt and Chain Systems Help the Garage Door Operate

There are a few different types of garage door openers. Two of the common options are a belt-drive or a chain-drive. Belt-drive openers rely on belts to open and close the door. Belt-drive openers are quiet and are great for attached garages.

Chain-drive systems use a chain to open the garage door. You may hear a clanking sound as the door opens or closes, unlike the quieter belt option. They are long lasting, but like all parts, you may need to replace the chains every few years. Listen for jerking sounds or slower operation. If you notice these things, it may be time to replace the chain.


Make Sure the Track is in Working Order

Garage doors sit on a track that allows it to move. You may notice these tracks hanging in your garage. If one becomes dirty or damaged, it can cause your garage door to stop working, or even fall. When track issues become present, do not wait to get repairs. TNT Garage Door, Inc., in Winfield offers residential and commercial repair and maintenance. We can also replace door parts when they are no longer functional.


Visit TNT Garage Doors, Inc., for Garage Door Parts and More

You may notice that one problem with a garage door part and it will not work as well, or at all. This makes maintenance and repairs that much more important. TNT Garage Doors, Inc., offers quality repair services and sales to Winfield, WV, and beyond. We work with residential and commercial customers to provide the best products around. Your door is essential to daily operations. Make sure that the components you have are the highest quality.

TNT Garage Doors, Inc., works with great brands like LiftMaster®, Hormann, and more. Talk to our team today to schedule service or to learn about the parts we offer.


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