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The Best Commercial Garage Doors for Any Business

Is It Time to Upgrade Garage Doors at Your Business in the Charleston, WV, Area?

Last month we covered some of the best residential garage doors, and now it’s time to explore the best commercial garage doors. When running a business, we know that there is a lot on your plate. A faulty or damaged garage door is something that no business owner wants to deal with. With so many on the market, who even has the time to choose the best one?


We hope that you can use this as a guide or reference when commercial garage door shopping. While there are many commercial garage doors out there, your business is unique. The same goes for your budget, equipment, and daily operations. Make sure that your new garage door is the right fit for your business.


Commercial Garage Doors Need to Be Secure

For any business, a garage door should be secure. You want to make sure that no one can get in and steal or damage your equipment or products. Today we’re going to explore three common types of commercial garage doors: Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each provide their own benefits to protect your business from the elements, pests, theft, and more.


In order to keep garage doors secure, maintenance is key. Many commercial garage door options are low-maintenance, but it’s still important to keep up with them. Removing snow, salt, and any chemicals will help to preserve the door. Rust, corrosion, dents, and other problems can compromise the security of the door.


Steel Garage Doors Are Great for Businesses

Steel garage doors are a very common option for businesses in West Virginia and beyond. Steel garage doors are incredibly durable. They can also be painted to better match your business, unlike other garage door materials. If your business is known for its color scheme, consider steel garage doors to stay on-brand.


Steel garage doors can also come with or without insulation. Insulated garage doors are great for businesses that use garages as a workspace. Insulation can also help to protect employees as well as any temperature-sensitive equipment or products.


Bob Vila does remind us, though, that metal garage doors can rust or dent. Be sure to keep up with maintenance and inspect the door after inclement weather or accidents. Dents can weaken the integrity of your door and compromise security. If you notice any dents, TNT Garage Doors, Inc., near Charleston, WV, can help. We offer commercial garage door repairs and other great services.


Aluminum Garage Doors Are Affordable and Durable

Aluminum garage doors have a similar look and feel to steel garage doors. They are more affordable and are also very low-maintenance. However, aluminum is not quite as strong as steel. The Bob Vila article above reminds buyers that aluminum can dent fairly easily. It’s important to use caution when working around the door. If you want a stronger option, we recommend choosing steel. Those where security isn’t as crucial may enjoy the low-cost option of aluminum. Aluminum garage doors can be long-lasting when properly cared for.


Fiberglass Garage Doors Stay Rust- and Dent-Free

Many businesses in our area opt for fiberglass garage doors. Fiberglass garage doors stay virtually rust-free and can be difficult to dent, though it’s not impossible. The Spruce mentions that fiberglass is not usually insulated, and can quickly let the cold or warmth in. If you have temperature-sensitive products or equipment, fiberglass garage doors may not be for you.


The Spruce also mentioned that fiberglass is less corrosive than other materials. If your business is near the water or if you experience harsh weather, fiberglass may be the right choice. Just remember to clean off lasting snow or salt, as with any garage door, for the best results.


Find the Right Garage Door Device to Go With Your Door

As we mentioned above, commercial garage doors should be secure. Your business may hold expensive equipment, products, vehicles, and other items. When upgrading your commercial garage doors, consider upgrading your garage door opener with it. TNT Garage Doors, Inc., offers a wide range of garage door devices for added security. One of these options includes smart garage door devices. Smart openers can allow business owners to control their garage doors from anywhere. You may also include a camera or sensor that will alert you to any problems.


TNT Garage Doors, Inc., is Who to Call for Commercial Garage Doors

TNT Garage Doors, Inc., in Winfield, WV, is the place to go for commercial garage doors. We are the garage door authority in the Charleston area. For home and business owners, we urge you to visit us when you’re in the market for a new garage door. We offer a wide range of options from great brands, like Hormann, Amarr, and more.


Businesses need secure, long-lasting garage doors. TNT Garage Doors, Inc., has them! Stop by today to discuss your needs with our sales staff. We also offer repair, maintenance, and more.


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